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Warehouse Racking

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Complete Racking Teardown Services

When you buy new racking or need to reconfigure your space, TS Group will perform efficient and professional racking teardown services. We do the work that saves you and your employees the time and effort of doing it yourselves. Additionally, our warehouse consultants will make sure that your facilities are safe by providing facility inspections and offering forklift training.

Space-Saving Warehouse Rack Installation

You know the importance of good warehouse shelving if your business involves storing any kind of products. Depend on TS Group to provide you with the best new or used racking for your facility. We offer racking system installation as well as racking teardown services making your experience as stress-free as possible. Our company is committed to matching you with warehouse racking systems that suit your specific needs. Contact us to speak with a warehouse consultant and start the process of improving your facilities today.


This is the most common system we offer. It is basically a system of beams that support a wire base, allowing you to store pallets safely. Pallet racking is commonly found in warehouses that store goods for longer periods of time.


A cantilever racking system uses "arms" instead of a wire platform that will hold a variety of bulky, oversized long loads for later use. This type of industrial racking is common in industries such as lumber yards, plumbing supplies, or garden supply warehouses.

Warehouse consultant working on a facility inspection.


This type of racking system is more durable and stable than other types of racks, and it is also the longest lasting. Structural racking is bolted or screwed to the walls of the warehouse.

Teardrop/Key-stone Pallet

Teardrop or T-stone pallet racking is very common with storing items that weigh from a few hundred pounds to around 6,000 pounds. Some of the industries that use this style are clothing or food distribution plants.

Flow Rack

This style of racking is the best way to store items in a picking type of warehouse. It will allow easy access to load from the rear and allow for a new item to replace another that is removed from the front of the rack.

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