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Enhance your Career and Safety with Forklift Operator Certification in Newark, OH

Forklifts are common sights in many warehouse and industrial settings. These small but mighty machines are very useful as they zip here and there moving heavy loads with ease. Since most of them are relatively small, it appears that anyone could jump on one and begin to move stock to and fro, but the reality is quite different.

To use one safely it’s a smart move to obtain forklift operator certification in Newark, OH. Not only will that provide you with the skills and knowledge to safely operate a forklift, but it also looks good on an employment record or resume.

Professional and Effective Teaching

Our team can easily impart the skills your staff needs to meet industry-accepted forklift training standards. At TS Group LLC, our instructors are OSHA-certified and cover all the material which students need to earn their professional tickets which are valid for one year. Throughout two eight-hour forklift training classes, we teach loading and unloading skills, driving techniques and concerns, safety awareness, and much more.


Warehouse shelving system from Newark, OH, in use.

Options for your Warehouse Racks

When you are considering alterations or removal of your warehouse shelf systems, we are ready to offer a range of dismantling, removal, or alteration options. Our consultants base these solutions on a comprehensive safety and functional examination of the current state of your system, which we then incorporate into your plans. So, if you want to reorganize your facility or wish to move to a new one let us work with you to make it an exercise in safety.

Comprehensive Overall Inspections

It’s never a bad idea to have an outside viewpoint on the safety situation of your facility. Our warehouse consultants examine your current systems with an eye to pinpointing any safety issues. We compile our findings into a report that highlights concerns and solutions which may include options such as focusing on forklift safety. The report also features information on the flow of individuals through your facility.

We base our recommendations on current safety standards from OSHA, and we present them to you to collaborate on the best solution.


Contact us to schedule forklift training or one of the other safety-related solutions we offer. We are proud to serve clients in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Western Pennsylvania.